Electricity procurement for Public sector »

    • Detailed analysis of client’s electricity consumption profile
    • Assessment of the most appropriate electricity price type
    • Electricity Procurement Risk Policy / Strategy development according to client needs
    • Other administrative preparatory works in order to set off electricity procurement process in accordance with the strategy developed
    • Electricity consumption data aggregation of all parties involved in the procurement
    • Detailed analysis of the aggregated electricity consumption data
    • Creation of single or multiple procurement portfolios
    • Centralized information and document information system development and implementation
    • Technical specification development
    • Price offer’ evaluation criteria development
    • Assurance of procurement documentation compliance with laws and regulations
    • Working out of Supply contract
    • Communication with the Procurement Monitoring Bureau (PMB) in the process of procurement document working out in order to ensure compliance with laws and regulations
    • Systematic electricity market monitoring and price forecasting for short and long-term periods
    • Communication with electricity suppliers: requesting price offers, negotiating terms of supply contract and developing specific products according to clients’ needs
    • Electricity price fixing according to the selected strategy for specific consumption volumes and time periods
    • Assurance of centralized electricity procurement process implementation
    • Control of electricity bills (checking the price of electricity and consumption volume), communication with suppliers in case of error detection
    • Coordination of electricity payment schedule with suppliers, sub-users
    • Reporting (actual and forecasted consumption, electricity costs) and other administrative tasks
    • Detailed electricity consumption analysis at every consumption point
    • Assessment of selected distribution tariffs and recommendations on tariff change, where appropriate
    • Assistance in communication with Distribution System Operator


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