Market research »

    • Feasibility study of a new RES power station construction or existent RES power plant purchase/ sale (assessed from legal, financial and overall electricity market perspective for wind, biomass, biogas, small hydro, solar and other types of RES)
    • Mandatory and voluntary support schemes for RES electricity and heat production in the Baltics States and elsewhere in Europe (description, comparison, assessment of particular scheme relevance for Latvian / Baltics etc.)
    • State taxation systems created for RES energy production support in the Baltics States and elsewhere in Europe (description, comparison, suggestions for Latvian / Baltic system possible improvement)
    • Use of100% renewable and partially renewable resources in energy production in the Baltic States: assessment from the economic perspective (legislation, financial assessment); and other topics related to renewable energy
    • Overview of natural gas market in the Baltic States (participants, historical price levels, etc.).
    • Overview of existing local and the EU regulation related to natural gas market liberalization
    • Introduction of the 3rd EU Energy Directive in natural gas industry in Latvia and the other Baltic States, gas market liberalization process comparison with other the EU member states’ experience
    • Gas market development trends globally, European- and Baltic-wise (production and transmission infrastructure development, price trends); and other topics related to natural gas market


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